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This weekend

Well Friday night is now turning into a blur. We had pizza for dinner and it rained a little that night.

Saturday I got ready for the reception. I did some ironing and some laundry and went card shopping for birthdays and get well cards. We got there a little after 2 and we sat with Bob and Liz, and Nelson and Chris and Rich. Ethel was home sick with a migraine. THose really suck. We had a good time. The food was a bit of disappointment to Mom and Liz. I enjoyed it. I even ran into some high school classmates of mine who knew the heberts. We got home by 6 or so.

Sunday I went to bingo, church, and to the store to get a gift for Emily. I had put a call into Claudia to see what I could get her and she called back on Saturday with a list. I decided to get a gift card. I did some letter writing. I got one letter written just need to print out and mail it. Mom made me a peach cake and we had hamburgers for dinner. Liz and Nel came over and gave me a pair of earrings.

Uncle R…

Last Day

Well here I am at work trying to figure out what I am going to eat at Irma's Retirement party. It is going to be Veal Riccardo. Someone told me it sounds like Parmigiana.

Crunch time

Well howdy…everyone. It is about 2 hours before I go home for the day. I have been trying to get as much as I can done before I leave for my vacation tomorrow afternoon. I am getting a little anxious because I am afraid not everything that I want to get done will get done.

I have been getting a lot of wonderful suggestions for cell phones and I have a feeling I will be going with the Verizon ® Brand. I am going to check out the ones at Costco.

DEcided to get a cell phone

I have decided to get a cell phone but don' t know which one. I have put out a call to all my "groups" and asked them to post here. So don't be afraid people...Mom says she will get it for me as a gift.

My Requirements:

No extras (camera, internet, games etc)
i want a good package (minutes wise) if that's what they call it.

Days are getting shorter

In the last few days I have noticed it was getting dark before 8 pm. Most evenings have been cool as well. Of course so have the mornings. As mom said last night summer is almost over.

Mom had a great time at the literary club meeting Sunday. She was home by 6:30. She was watching TV when I got home. The next morning however she was vomiting and was rather weak for most of the day. She had a doctor’s appointment yesterday for the kidney and was told she had to get some more tests this morning. I called her around 11 and she had just gotten home and was having coffee.

Its been another one of those weekends

Hey everyone! It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I hope all is well with you and yours. It has been another one of those weekends. I am trying to relax before going out tonight. This weekend was full of excitement and stress.

Friday I went to the Pilot Pen Tourney in New Haven with my friend Dave for his birthday. Have any of you been following it or have heard of it? It was fun even though the players didn’t seem to be doing the whole best. Even people we sat with who had been to both sessions felt the same way. I had the pleasure of meeting Kassie & James DePaiva (One Life to Live Fame). Now here comes the stressful part. When I stopped to drop Dave off at his house I couldn’t get the car to start. It was nearly midnight and had to call my mother to pick me up. I was really worried about the car and about how much it would cost and just a whole bunch of things.

Saturday was spent getting the car back running. It needed a new battery. I ended up at sears getting th…

Oyster Festival

Man I am exhausted! I was up by 5 and Mom was a short time later. We started getting ready for the Oyster festival and we left in separate cars. I got to Mike and Tessa’s Office by 6:30 or so. After they were setting up the tent for Voter Registration we headed down to the food court. The sun was just starting to burn through the fog. There wasn’t much activity and we were early. Mom arrived a short time later then as it got closer to 7 more and more people came and we began the food preparation. There was a significant less food vendors this year and I am not sure I can explain why. I think one of the reasons had to do with finances.

I was very impressed at the way the tent was set up. It didn’t seem to have the clutter and tight spots it did last year. My first job was helping shuck the corn. After that I helped with cutting the tomatoes. Mom left around 9 and I left a short time later. Everyone was doing something and we had one of our first visits from the health depa…

Thankful for today

Well today went a whole lot better. I think Sue and Patti were still a little annoyed by yesterday’s events but I reiterated my word it wouldn’t happen again. I did get a lot done despite the fact I was exhausted. I really didn’t get any sleep last night.

I still have some readdress mail and bulk mail to do and I think I need to do that after I do the lockbox and before the readdress mail. I have noticed that the mail has been light enough to be able to get it delivered and have people get their mail within a certain time. I know I am going to be making an effort.

For most of the day the weather was nice. That is until about 4 when a thunderstorm passed through. It came down hard and heavy. It didn’t last very long either. When I got home it was stopping.

Mom wasn’t home yet so before coming into the house I got Donny and Pam’s mail and watered their plants. I really hope I didn’t mess it up. One looks like its dying. I will probably water them again tomorrow.


I know I screwed up yesterday

It is after midnight and I just have been channel surfing. Last I watched parts of Road house. It was good and because it was on AMC there was more of it then if it was on other channels. There was some editing but not enough to lose the meaning.

Well I really screwed up at work yesterday. As you know sometimes I put things aside to work on other things and unfortunately it was not a good thing to do. It was the YHP remits. There was money on some of them and old dates on them. Patti had to talk to me and Sue came in really pissed off. They are waiting to see if an $1100 check is found. Sue told me the girl who sends them got written up (which I suspect will happen to me). I haven’t seen it and I am hoping it won’t be in with all the magazines stuff that I have been trying to work on.

Patty reminded me if I get behind even the slightest to tell her. So why do I find it hard to do that? Probably because I don’t want to admit that I screwed up. I was very glad to get out of t…

It has been a couple of days again

Well it has been a couple of days since I wrote. I tried to write but being Monday and trying to get things done on that day its not always easy. I do surf the net but that’s about it. Any thing else is left until I get home.

Yesterday wasn’t bad. I worked came home and hung out. I got a birthday card and letter from Heather Hoffman. I was going to write her last night but as the case lately I have been watching TV or going to bed. I actually went to bed early because I was tired.

It did rain a little bit around New Haven and Milford. Apparently some parts of the state got heavier rains. The sun was out when I got home and the rest of the night was fine.

Today was a bit aggravating. I had a dream that I was with a co-worker and we were walking near the train station and she pushed me over the side of the cliff. I some how landed on my feet. That’s about all I remember of the dream.

I woke up around 4 and stayed awake and heard the NPR morning news go on. I think that’s abou…

I had a stressful weekend.

Hey everyone. Yesterday turned out to be rather stressful. I ended up not writing a whole lot because of that stress.

While vacuuming I managed to make a big mess. I was vacuuming in the bathroom in the kitchen and I wasn’t paying attention to where I had the wand/hose to the Kirby (in the toilet). It sucked up about 1 or 2 cups of water into the bags. It then leaked all over the floor. I finally had to tell Mom and she was really upset. We finally got it apart (the bag from the rest of the machine and as I did it a ring of hers popped out. It was one she thought she had lost. The whole ordeal was very stressful. Donny checked out the vacuum cleaner and feels I didn’t do any damage to the motor. I just didn’t use it the rest of the time vacuuming downstairs.

I have to admit I was pretty angry and thought Mom was incredibly abusive at least
Verbally. She was better by the time we left for Cheryl’s. We had to go in separate cars because Mom had dinner plans with her friend Ma…

Stormy night

Morning everyone! Things here in my end of Milford are fine after that wicked and wild storm last night. The Devon section lost power and I am not sure if they are with out or not. I took a look at video from last night and a couple of trees in Stratford came down and caused power outages and some minor fires. In North Haven a woman’s chimney was struck and pieces of it went flying out on to the driveway. There was hail but we didn’t see any around our house.

I went to bed early last night for two reasons. I was tired and the thunder and lightening was still going on at that point. Once it stopped I had fallen asleep.

Today was a cool day. I don’t think it got up past the 70 degree mark at all. It was raining by the time I left for home. I also drove Carol H home as well. Traffic was a mess but we managed to get home okay. The thunder and lightening went on for about an hour and a half. I think it was over by 6. The rest of the night has been quiet.

Tomorrow is supposed to …

Making Plans for Tourney

Afternoon everyone I am at work and having lunch. The temperature in Milford is 79 and partly cloudy. In New Haven its 76 and partly cloudy. Scattered thunderstorms are expected for Haven as I am leaving work (L).

I heard from Dave via email. He told me the dates he would like to go to the Pilot Pen Tourney and they are the 21st and/or 22nd. I am going to shoot for the 22nd first. The games start at 7 but the gates open at 5. If they are sold out I will go for the 21st. IF they are BOTH sold out don’t know what to do. I might get out early either of those dates and go home and get freshened up and we could have an early dinner.

August 6, 2008

Morning everyone! It is nearly 10 and I am just having some tea and trying to finish opening today’s mail. It is a rainy and damp day. I think there are a lot of people who are in a bitchy mood too. I do admit I have a little headache forming but that’s because I hit my head on the handles of the mail cart this morning.

Last night was quiet. I did some laundry and then went to bed. My wrist was hurting and I think it could have been the pork in the rice and pork or the delicious eggplant Mom made. She had to go and get a whole new one because the one I bought a week ago was all rotten to the core.

Monday Mom got the new cable box and it wasn’t working. All of us were a little perturbed because it was a used box and we believe we should be getting a brand new one. Yesterday someone to come out and he got it working (and its awesome) and explained that we are just renting these boxes and not buying them. When I got home I did some channel surfing and we got channels back that we lost mont…

The neatness begins

It is after 10 and I am at work. I have been working on lockbox. I had 17 charts to deliver. It has been a little busy here for the last two days since I have been a day behind almost for two weeks. I did manage to keep up on some things like the bad addresses, and the bulk mail and picked up the mail from the lobby. I worked on that this morning.

Because of the recent complaints of bugs there were modifications to the office. New “decorative” bug lights were installed over the weekend. Also we got word that the office is “Going Green” with new trash baskets and new recycle bins. We also have been giving instructions on what can and what can’t go into the bins/baskets etc. When I walked in here this morning I noticed that things that were on the floor were no longer there and I suspect it was mentioned to my immediate supervisors/management team. I have never claimed I was the neatest person in the world. I mean I am constantly leaving stuff around papers on the floor, dishes around, e…

A busy Weekend

Well Hello everyone. The last two weekends have been incredibly busy and that’s the way I like them. As you recall last Saturday I went to Mohegan sun for dinner the James Blount/Cheryl Crowe concert. Everything was awesome. The seats were great even though they were up very high. On Sunday Mom and I had brunch with Liz and Nelson and our two nieces/granddaughters from PA That Sunday afternoon Mom and I went to a fundraiser house party for CT Speaker of the House Jim Amann. There was a lot of food and the weather was fine (it rained actually) and I had the pleasure of meeting actor James Noble (I) . He was charming.

This weekend I helped out for a couple of hours at my club’s tag sale on Saturday. The tag sale was to last until for so I have a feeling it was called off when the weather hit. The storm came through violently around 12. It lasted about 1 ½ hours and apparently caused some flash flooding and downed power and telephone lines through out parts of Milford.

As the storm subside…

A Good Friday

It is after 10:30 am in the morning I have been doing the work, and surfing the net. I am tired but having tea. It is a little quiet but good spirits today. I hope to have all the mail opened and delivered by the time I leave here at 4.

I called Mom a couple of times the first time she wasn’t home the second time was at lunch time. She had just come in from running some errands. She got her prescriptions and got gas (as I did this morning) and then went to Christmas tree shop and got a clock for $7 and the three lunch totes for $4 each