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Sunday is done.

Just heading to bed but I just wanted to check in.Today was pretty good even if didn't get all that I wanted done.  I didn't resolve the credit card issues but can do it tomorrow.I did however managed to write some letters to pen pals in West Virginia and Ohio. I did manage to also update my penpal blog as well.I do have a new pen pal from Massachusetts. I wasn't going to take any more on until I got caught up and other letters.At lunch time I made the meatloaf patty for lunch. It took longer than I planned but it was still delicious.After lunch I got ready for bingo. I got there just before it started. Jo-anne was there getting the the patience to play. It was a full house and we had a lot of fun I'm seven wonders. We finished on time and that allowed me to get to Roberta house on time as well.When I got there we do some socializing played a few rounds and then ordered dinner. I was playing only have that salad but changed my mind. I had shrimp scampi. It was deliciou…

Slept downstairs

I decided to sleep on the couch last night and it wasn't too bad.  The cats didn't know what to make of it at first but eventually fell asleep
at my feet,  I did it to help with my neck.  It does feel better at this moment  who knows how it will be later.  I was surprised I was in bed until 6:30! I only had to get up a few times during the night

There wasn't much on TV last night.  I watched My PBS shows and then I watched Inspector Linley.  It is a show that doesn't have new episodes since 2008 but are rebroadcast on the stations.  It was a good show and I wish there were more.  I also did some channel surfing.  When that clearly didn't work I did some laundry and then went to bed.

It is cloudy right now did see a lovely sunrise.  It is supposed to be a cloudy day (not necessarily grey skies) it is supposed to be in the 30's and 40's today.  No rain or snow in sight until maybe Monday.  Some rain mid week.  The same time as the infusion.

This morning I am goin…

Frustrating moments

Among the many things I was trying to do today was to activate my new Credit union debit card and I think I tried three times and had to take a break from it. I will try again later when I am a little focused.  The other was to gain access to the credit Card site.  Still not there yet.  When I run into roadblocks of any kind I need to step away and breath and regain thoughts and refocus.  I will try again later and be victorious.

I made lamb chops for lunch.  I didn't realize there was four in them so I cooked them all.  I probably could have put the other two away.  I reasoned they were small in size and would be filling.  Not necessarily the truth. I also couldn't choose vegetables.  I ended up cooking them up in a skillet w/olive oil and it splattered and I now have a burn.  I had some chips and salsa.

Now I have to think about dinner.  Not for at least a few hours.  I think I may make spaghetti.  I don't want to order out been doing that way too much this week.

The kittie…

Saturday Doings

My intention originally was to go to the mall and go walking.  However, this morning I woke up and my neck was bothering me and that is causing a slight headache.  I also looked around and need to do some stuff here.  The usual household stuff, laundry, paying bills, clearing out stuff, and of course get to the pen pal letters that I haven't had the energy to do at night.

Friday was fairly busy or it seemed busy to me.  Since my Guardian Angel had the day off I was to gather the outgoing mail around the floor.  That didn't take long but I did it a few times even though she had reminded before she left to do it once.  I had a lot of the refund mailings to do and still haven't done it.  I had also the EOB sorting which I don't think got done either.

We had the Labor Negotiations update.  Negotiations don't start until the beginning of Spring but one of the first things we will be working on is keeping the 986 jobs in the union.  One of the things is to continue to ge…

Glad its Friday

I had a pretty good sleep I think.  We went to bed late and I think that's how I got it.  The kitties were asleep in no time.  They stayed there until about 4 or 5.  Sky  sat next to me until I got up.  Later on as I was getting ready to leave for work Sky sat on the armchair and as I was petting him he turned his head to rub it..I couldn't help but cry.  I felt such happiness.

It overcast this morning and there is rain and or snow predicted for today and cloudy for the first part of the weekend. I did notice that even though the temperatures were in the 30's or 40's there was some warmth to it as well.

Work was busy.  I spent a lot of time on the check mailing project and still didn't finish it.  The mail was normal but I also had to go around and pick up the outgoing mail from the floor.  We had the union meeting.  It was fairly interesting and some thought it was a waste of time and could have been put on paper and sent around.  I suggested they friend the FB pa…

Midweek Reflection

This week is going by fast as usual.  This time last week we were preparing for the first blizzard of 2016 and for some it is still fresh in their minds while others are already dug out and going on with their lives.     Especially if you have neighbors there with snowblowers.   I think most of the cities had done a good job as long as the residents did as they were asked (move  vehicles and take care of sidewalks and driveways).

Things at home are going well.  I have been managing to get things done.  Last night I did some cooking.  I made two meatloaves and a few hamburgers.   I haven't tried the meat loaf but as I told Liz she and nelson are the guinea pigs.  The first one clearly has a lot of onions in it.   I am bringing it over after I get home from the Healthcoach.  I have an idea what I want to do with the chicken wings too.  The topping from the meatloaf on the chicken.

My neck doesn't hurt as much but for the last couple of days my knees, ankles have along with some re…

Can't Sleep

It is after 2 am and I can't sleep.  Thanks to the regular coffee and hot chocolate I had yesterday.  I tried to have some warm milk and honey but that didn't work.  I tried to look up the benefits of warm milk and honey and I got an article on LiveStrong website from 2015 that delved into that subject.  They say there is no scientific data that says it works but it helps you relax before going to bed.

I wrote in my health blog a fairly long entry.  It amazes me that some of the best writing can be done late at night with lack of sleep. eyes are starting to get heavy..

Anyway the kitties were very cuddly at bed time.  For some reason Sky decided he wanted to wrestle Tiger or playing rough and I wasn't really looking forward to it because it was so close to me.  He has been sleeping on the office chair in the office.  Tiger has been sleeping by legs.  She won't be happy when I have to get up to make a bathroom run but then again it won't make that much dif…

Monday Musings 1/25/2016

Well it was still cold and icy.  i was running late this morning so I defrosted the windshield with the can of de-icer and it fogged up  the windshield.  I was a little annoyed.  Luckily it cleared by the time I got to the highway.  The roads were not bad at all once I could see them!  I think I may have read there is more snow at the end of the week not as big as this past weekend.
Work seemed to have that hectic feel to it.  I didn't have much mail so that allowed me to finish the refund checks from Friday and work on more that was given to me today.  I learned something fairly new with the epic note system.  I think it was something I should have known when I started too.  Sai Leve!

I got a call early in the afternoon letting me know my grocery delivery would be delayed due to weather.  I had called Roberta earlier in the day to ask her to wait for it for me around 4 so I called her back to let her know.  She called back before 8 to see if it got delivered okay.

The guy who cam…

I wasn't sure I would be going to bingo

I could hear Neighbor Don plowing the driveway and it sounded like he was having trouble with the machine earlier as it may have been too much for it. I wasn't sure he would be doing the sidewalk from the house to the main sidewalk but he did.  I got ready for bingo put the rock salt into a safer can that would withstand any other weather coming I put some on the sidewalks that looked pretty clean anyway and then I cleaned off the car and headed to bingo.

I got there about 10 minutes before 2 and a short time afterwards I began...I was chatting with some of the residents and there were others who seemed quite demanding i thought I was going to lose my temper.  I didn't really but I get so tired when they do this.  I was really glad it seemed to go by fast.

After bingo I called Liz to see if I could stop by but they were either out or sleeping.   I can't remember if she said she was doing something this afternoon or not.  I decided to get a small pizza from Dominos and waited…

There is a lot of show out there

I woke up this morning to see the street had been plowed and plowed well because I can actually see the pavement.  There are some areas that still have snow and ice on it but for the most part its there.  The sun is shining now.  I think we got at least two feet.  I took a picture of it and it may just look like the one I posted yesterday.

I got up just before six and fed the kitties, turned the heat up from 68 to 70, and had my coffee.  I decided not to turn the heat all the way down last night because well I wasn't sure how it would be this morning.  It is quite comfortable.

The kitties are both sitting on the chairs Sky in his regular spot and Tiger right beside me. I have a feeling they will have a quiet morning with me and then go back to sleep for a few hours.  Have I mentioned I love them? 

I have done my grocery shopping already it should be here Monday night sometime between 5 and 7.  I just pray that I get to the house by my usual time (usually quarter of five).  It all…

The day after

Its still snowing

It is still snowing and now will probably continue through out the night.  I have heard the wind a few times in the last five minutes.  I don't expect to lose power during this storm.  I have been known to be wrong too.  I mentioned to siduri* that the borough plows would wait until the snow ended.  No sooner did I post that statement that Mallico's came down the street.  He or a member of his company have come a second time just around 4.  I wouldn't be surprised if he comes a few times during the night.

I spent most of the day grazing and watching the only shoreline newsstation  cover the storm.  I amnot sure that's necessarily true but what the hey.  They even had the press coferences from NY Governor Cuomo and Mayor DiBlasio and of course the NY stations had Governor Christi on as well.  There is a travel ban on the trains and into NY.  I don't think Gov Malloy has issued those yet but is requesting residents to stay off the roads.

I have been in contact with Li…

My snow storm doo

This was taken at 10:42 after I had come home from the salon.   It was funny when I woke up at 6 there was nothing in the sky or on the ground.  It was like that until 7:10 when I sent a message to my brother in PA.  30 minutes later it was snowing.  On my travels it was a little hard to drive.  A car got stuck at an intersection and had to be pushed out of the way..

Giving Up

Listening to the weather reports for this storm.  It changed again as I mentioned yesterday that probably it would.  At this rate I will do what ever is possible and if it gets bad then so be it.   However the one element  that has been added is coastal flooding along the shorelines.  That means that Oyster River at the end of my street will rise but not too much.  The main road at the other end of my street will be flooded though because it is near the inlet. I may stop at the store one more time on the way home tonight to get the loaf of bread.  I got English muffins but that won’t be enough and I do have a half loaf of bread but again it won’t be enough. Work went well low volume of mail allowed me to work on the refund checks with the others.  There were some seats changed around.  One department/team was moving towards the back near me.  One other was moving out to West Campus with the rest of her team.  My Boss left early today. I was really tired in the morning but I managed t…

I have been watching

The weather reports all day.  There are so many different variations on what is going to be happening.  The consensus among the lay people is we are not going to get that much (define that much!). Many are hoping that it will move out to sea.  I can't say the same for my brother's area then again maybe I can.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  I did go and get some more milk and some english muffins and some extra's that I wanted.  Like some jelly belly beans.  I have been promising them to my friend Lee Ann and so I got them for her.

I have to say I had a mixed bag today.  I wasn't feeling all that great again and I had a conversation I wasn't pleased with  with my sister.  Granted she was busy but it just to got to be a little more "holier than though" crap.  She didn't seem to like to hear that I was discussing our Cousin and her son who have had some rough patches in the last few days.  She was saying "I don't need to hearing aob…

Going to be long day

It took me a while to get back to sleep..actually I don't think I even went back to sleep until 6.  I ended up being about 5 minutes late for work so this will be a definite challenge.  At least my work day ends at 3.

I have an appointment at 3:40 with the Pulmonary doctor.  I hope we discuss the sleep study I took back in I think it was October and  the Cat-scan last month.  I am afraid it will be a long wait-to see him though.  It was fairly long the last time if I recall correctly.  That means I won't get home until 7.

The weather report is changing (again) now they are saying we won't get as much and it won't be here until Saturday.  I am debating whether or not to order more groceries Thursday or just make do with what I have.

Low Key Yesterday

I felt like crud.  I either ate too much or what ever I had didn't agree with me.   I was sick for two hours the night before and didn't get much sleep after that.  I did try for some more sleep after feeding the cats but I don't think it worked.  I ate very little during the  but did have some dinner.   I even tried some mild salsa I bought too. My neck and shoulder still hurt as well.   I was seriously considering using the heating pad when I finally went to bed.  Unfortunately I am now awake and can't sleep.

It was very cold and windy out even with the sun.  There is another storm called for this weekend and it is supposed to start Friday night.  Around 8. It is supposed to be snowing for most of the weekend.  If that's the case then I am not going to the 4th District meeting Friday night. I don't think I will be going anywhere this weekend.  I am going to have to order my groceries Thursday night I think.

Work was great.  I didn't have a whole lot from F…

Monday Musings

Today we are celebrating MLK day.  A day in which we remember the man for his works in the CIvil Rights movement.  He had been taken away too soon.  We have come a long way from that time period.  Some would argue we haven't.  Just look at places like Chicago, LA, Virginia.  Some where some ones rights have been violated.  Yes we have come a long way but we still have miles to go.

The snow is still on the ground but I don't know if more had fallen yet.  I got a strange text from someone I didn't recognize saying that the roads were bad and she went back home and would be in late.  I sent the reply and they apologized for the mix up.  I had no problem with it just made my decision to not go out in it--yet.  The sun is shining and the plow just came down the street.

I made some phone calls today.  The first one to the Nursing home to schedule the Valentines Delivery activity for the club.  It was simple.  It will be on February 6 at 10:30 in the morning.  OF course she asked …

WE got snow

This was the view from my back door tonight.  It started around 3 and stopped around an hour ago.  There is more predicted for the early morning commute which is a relief because I don't have to go to work tomorrow.  If the snow continues all day then I am not leaving the house.  If it does I can do some errands.

Bingo went well we had almost a full house.  Bob was there and as usual exhausted.  I don't know if that man ever gets any rest.  At least he says he has tomorrow off.

I made lamb chops and vegetables for dinner tonight.  I cooked four chops and they will be eaten through out the week.   I may even try some other stuff.

After talking with Jim via Messenger I watched the last 45 minutes of the broncos vs Steelers game.  I have no idea how they decide the scoring but it was close at one point then Broncos pulled ahead.  Now they play Patriots next Sunday. 

I heard from Kris tonight.  He thanked me for the Christmas card and ITunes I got him.  I showed him the snow and…

Yesterday felt like a Saturday

I have to say that yesterday felt like a Saturday to me.I left here around 9:30 and headed to the first Credit Union and closed the account.They were accommodating that’s for sure.They even put the money for I was paying for taxes in a check form for me.The teller also said I had until the end of the month to pay that as well when I asked him if he knew how big the line at the tax office was (it’s in the same building different wing).So knowing that option I headed to the new credit union.
That process took a while. First the directions took me too far into New Haven Allingtown area and I knew it was not around there.So I went on memory and when I was unsure I called Papa Mike just as I called him I found it.I learned I should have made an appointment because the paperwork and data entry would take too long.I am not sure exactly when she saw me but it was nearly 1 when I left.They chatted with me and offered me coffee while I waited.I was given a good package and look forward to being …

My Weekend has started

Well my weekend has officially begun.I worried for nothing.As Terry reminded me everyone will have already taken their day off and the supervisor eventually approves it a day later.I let him know what was done and not done.
I left the office around 4 and headed to the car and dropped off the stuff I wouldn’t need during my session with Debra.We had made arrangements to me at 4:30 instead of our normal 4:15.I made it sort of on time.The session went by quickly we basically discussed being at a rather good place at the moment.Even though there have been moments that really challenged me.
When it was time for me to leave I headed to Chipotle and had a couple of tacos and ate them at the restaurant.I found myself enjoying life in the city.After I finished my dinner I had walked back to the car.It was a brisk walk. I headed to the pet store to pick up the special ordered cans of food.It’s the regular stuff I normally get.
Before heading home I called Liz to check in with her.She had been napp…

This Week

This week has really gone by fast again.My hope is to have tomorrow Friday off for the long weekend.I am still waiting on Supervisor to approve it.I hope he will when he gets in from a meeting.
Work has been good.Been able to work with the epic system logging in the refund checks.I basically keep up with things.I haven’t heard any updates on the negotiations for the newest contract.I am sure we will be getting some soon.
On Tuesday I submitted the FMLA stuff to the leave coordinator.I hope they review it and let me know when (and soon) it is approved.They will probably email me or send me a formal response home.
The DTC caucus went well our immediate district has ten open seats bringing our number to 33 but currently have 24.Including a woman who joined that night.There are new rules about registering for the DTC.The new slight is voted in at our March meeting.
Our first District Meeting is the 21st and the general DTC is the 28th.We will vote the new member in at the district meeting as …

Monday Musings

Well another Monday has come and gone and  it is chilly.  The sun was bright and shining but it won’t be staying that way for long the weather forecast is calling for rain/snow by Tuesday night.  The flooding in Milford made the news last night.  It was in areas I recognized and some streets I didn’t.
Got an email blast from Cousin DL she was updating the cousins on new addresses and health status of Cousin Lee and Aunt Serena.  I need to get a card or two for some of the Address changes and get well cards.  I am probably guessing the updates I probably should have told people because Rosalie told me at least tell Liz. 
One of the kitties got sick in the living room this morning.  I am not sure which one as I gave them both Treats to get them to the shower stall last night.  They both eat each other’s food.  Last night was the final night of med dispensing.  I had no problem getting Sky in but it nearly took me an hour to get Tiger out from under bed in the spare room.  Liz who wasn’t…


Well sky is all set with his shots until the summer.We left here shortly before ten.The new crate nearly fell apart but seemed to be okay.I drove to Mama Roberta and Papa Mike’s house so they could get an up close look at him.He cried on the way over and a little bit while there.But he was well behaved and still “cuddled” with me while he was on the table. He is just shy of 13 lbs.
It was sometime after 11 when I got back and I let him out and he walked around and then hid for a while.Tiger was waiting for us at the top of the stairs and I sat and watched TV.Mostly channel surfing.
Lunch was steak and vegetables and a semi quick clean up. The rest of the day got lazy until it was time for the meds dispensing.
Liz called around 4 or so and gave the heads up she would be here as soon as they finished shopping at Trader Joe’s.Well I immediately went into action.I knew the cats were sleeping so Tiger had no clue was going on. I came up and cooed at her and swept her up and took her downstair…

Saturday Doings

Good Morning.  It is fairly quiet this morning.  The cats just finished their wrestling match on the bed.  They have run somewhere.  Today is Sky’s turn at the vet’s for his shots and whatever else there is planned.  I am debating whether or not to take him to the pet store while I get their food.  Probably not a good idea.  It would be like handling two crates and 02 cylinder.  No I am not on the oxygen again.  I am just saying it would be awkward.
I ordered my coffee from and included hot chocolate and a couple of regular coffee and two decaf coffees.  Didn’t order any tea this time since I have a lot of sleepy time and still have enough lemon zinger and a few others around as well.
The rest of the afternoon should be quiet until I get the babes ready for their medicine.  Liz will be coming over around 5 and we will be giving it to them.  I can’t wait for the meds to be finished because rounding them up isn’t always easy.  Both of us have gotten nailed by both of the…

This has been a week.

This week has been rather hectic.I was so tired that I couldn’t do it.Hopefully the rest of this week and weekend will be better.
First of all I think I was scammed by someone at Peapod.They were telling me that the delivery fee wasn’t paid for which I knew was.They started asking questions that I felt uncomfortable with.They were setting off alarm bells.I contacted Stop and shop and went there and that particular store doesn’t participate in Peapod.I called peapod.I ended up calling Amex to alert them.The guy was quite helpful and I will be getting a new card.I still managed to get my food on Wednesday.
The second big thing was Tiger has some parasite in her so it’s been somewhat of a big deal getting them their meds. I was devastated when the vet told me this…its Giardiasis.Usually found in dogs. Thursday was a lot better than Wednesday..Both of them have to take it.I have to bring stool sample in two weeks to see if they are recovered.The medicine was $42.I have to be careful around …

Monday Musings

The end of another Monday is here.  I can’t seem to stop typing 2015 in anything I do.   In titles or in the body of the “article”.  In the past I haven’t had much trouble with it.  I hope it won’t be too long before it stops.
Work was great.  As I expected there were lots of work for me to do.  But I didn’t have the dreaded anxious feeling that I was behind.  I got a lot done but have to finish some more tomorrow.  I wasn’t able to do anything with the personal refund checks or insurance refunds and probably won’t for a day or two.
Stopped by the Post office on the way home and found a letter from Rebecca S in California.  I wrote about it in my Pen pal blog. 
The weather was incredibly cold and windy.  It is supposed to be cold in the morning and a little warmer for the day but the rest of the week not so much.
The kitties are now starting to settle down but they seemed to be avoiding me for a while tonight.
I am going to go to bed now.

What an awesome Weeknd

First yesterday’s trip to the Vet was less stressful then in the past.  I closed the door to the bedroom and let both cats sleep on the bed.  I positioned the carrier near the bed and worked on the computer for a while.  As the time approached I picked up the tiger and had to a couple of times work her into the crate.  I kept her there for about an hour.  I called the vet to see if I could come earlier but it wasn’t feasible.  I let sky out and eventually I took her downstairs and she did try to push the door open but basically I was calm and didn’t get all that upset.  I have no scratches from her.
Before taking her to the vet I took a drive around the beach….she couldn’t see anything but kept crying out.  Eventually I made it to the vet.  We were inside and then it was time for us to go in.  We went to one room was weighed and tertiary exam and nails trimmed at my request.  We went into another room and the full on exam started.  Tiger was kind of cornered and kept near her to keep h…

Saturday Doings

Well it is nearly 8 am and I am about to do the unpleasant task of getting one Tiger Lilly into the crate.  I have it standing up with the door open.  The bedroom door is closed and I am trying to be calm.  She is sitting/lying on the bed right now not sure what to make of it. I have her feces in a bag (at least I think it is hers) as they requested.  I know it will be two hours before she goes to the appointment but they said it would be okay.  Besides it would probably take me that long just to get her in there.  She will stay in there until we leave.   Once I get her there it should just take a half hour.  I am also getting one of those microchips put into her so in case she gets out or lost.
I am trying very hard not to get nervous about anything.  For example I don’t have a collar on her and I am afraid she will get out of the crate somehow and or out of the examining room.  I even sat down with her earlier and talked with her (yeah I haven’t lost it completely folks).  Wish me lu…

New Years Day 2016

After a fairly quiet night and being woken up to fireworks at Midnight today is also fairly quiet.  I got up early to straighten up and change the sheets on the bed I have been sleeping in for the past ten days.  Of course they were still in the dryer when I left.  Dishes are still in the sink there but I figure when I get back there tonight for one last feeding and walk it will be done.
My goals for 2016 are already being tested.  I was hoping that I wouldn’t be so reactionary to things that happen.  For example misplacing keys a hundred times a day or not getting a good password on a site that’s important for the cats.  Both times I was very aggravated and angry because it wasn’t happening the way I wanted.  Can you imagine what tomorrow will bring when I need to get tiger to her appointment?  I will continue to find ways that be better.  I just have to continue to take a breath and look at the two kitties that depend on me to keep them happy and safe.
I also have to work on that pati…