No Bingo today

It felt very weird not to be running around getting ready for bingo this morning. Unfortunately because of the GI Breakouts this past week the facility has cancelled all group activities. That is including Bingo. I was able to chat with Jillian V last night and told her about the outbreak. I also asked her to let NF and RC about it.

Anyhow…I spent time on the net and reading emails. Mostly from the groups I am on. Many are the Google alerts and a few from the Lupus world (foundation and list). I checked out some of the forums I frequent as well.

I went to the 10 o’clock mass at St Agnes. The attendance at that mass seemed low to and I asked mom about it later. She seems t think that the parishioners either go earlier or on Saturday.

I watched TV and did some laundry and then went to use my computer but the monitor died so late in the day went and got my self a new monitor for $86 dollars. It is an HP. My neighbor/guru Don helped with it.

I decided to take a nap around 5 and then got ready to go to dinner.