Batton Down the hatches

All day long people were talking about the impending storm that is coming.  We have heard almost different forecasts.  Most of them agreed it was to all end by Saturday some time.  Anyway people at work were making plans to miss work tomorrow because of the storm.  I am also among those.  I plan on going in tomorrow but if it gets really bad then I am leaving early.  I probably will not be going in to work on Saturday either.

Most of the schools around the state have already cancelled school for tomorrow.  Most businesses and stores have also closed as well.  I was able to cancel the Valentines Delivery for Saturday and the only time that is available is Sunday afternoon.  I have sent the info to T but haven’t heard from her yet.

When I got home tonight I could hear Neighbor Don gathering wood for his wood burning stove for the next several days. He has it all stacked and stored in places that he has access to and won’t run out.  Literally.    He is already planning on not going to work tomorrow so he will be home all weekend.  He has Kerosene heaters if they are needed and the snow blower is ready to be used when it all stops Saturday or Sunday.

The following is my answer to one of my groups “prompts” and here it is:

Since the weather reports have been saying that we are expecting a big storm this weekend t hey have changed dramatically.  I will be working this morning and if the snow hasn’t arrived by later on this afternoon then I will be staying until six to work on the scanning project.  Then mostly like relax for the night.

Before the reports of the storm came I was planning on working on Saturday morning ( part of me was being extremely cynical saying it won’t be much because well that’s usually what has happened in the last snow storms.) and then do the Valentines Delivery but that has now been changed to Sunday afternoon.  So now I probably will stay home work on Taxes and do laundry.

Sunday will a full day of Volunteering and church (again it all depends on how much we get in the snow and if my neighbors have started digging us out or not).  I probably will relax and get ready for the week ahead at work.

 Mom came home earlier than she planned from Bridges meeting.  She had already had dinner and I was just finishing mine up.  We went to the garage to drop off her car and let me tell you I was so aggravated by the time I got home.

First  She parks right in the middle of the parking lot .  Where no one can actually move around her.  There were cars at the gas pumps and I see the tow truck trying to move a car on the line.  I had to pull around a car by the garage door and Mom was already frazzled because she had to drive in the dark.  She didn’t like me yelling at her.  I trying to explain I needed to get maneuver around the cars.  I came really close to telling her to walk.  She sulked until we got home.

I told her about the problem I am having with my side and when I gave one explanation she was rude about it.  Then she saw I had my boots on and she made a comment about me wearing them all day.  I had said to her that I take them  off.  She didn’t hear me.  So I tried a third time.  That time she heard and understood.  I really shouldn’t have to explain myself.

For some reason when everyone hears a snow storm is coming their common sense goes right out the freaking window.


Time for you to batten down the hatches :)
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