Wow this is quite a shock.

I was watching TV this morning when at the bottom of the screen the news that Pope Benedict XVI is resigning his papacy scrawled across.  He announced yesterday and then I read more here.  Mom was shocked when she heard this.  She has never known any other Pope to do this.  When she asked I said probably due to the Sex Abuse scandal.  Then I admitted I didn’t really know.  According to the article above now I do.

The first questions that pop into my head are What will happen next?  Well the process of finding a successor (for a lack of a better term).  The last time they did this  was eight years ago when his immanent was chosen and he became the leader of the Catholic Church.  How will the world react to this news?  What will this mean for the Catholic church will the rules that the Pope had made be rescinded?  Can they be rescinded?  According to this article much speculation has already started.

The reasons for his resignation slated to take affect at the end of this month were is his health and his age.  He has felt that if either were to be negatively affecting his position he would resign.  The article sites some of the issues that have been a part of his tenure.  All in all it will be interesting to see what happens and how it will affect the world in general.

Mom got up a short time and then went back to bed and is there now resting.  She wasn’t feeling well and I wouldn’t be surprised to have leftovers from last night.

When I finally got up it was sometime after 8.  Mom had already gone back to bed and I just hung out and got her papers from Saturday (it would have been very nice if you had Today’s Papers there but…). 

It has been raining all morning.  It is also foggy and sort of reminds me of Ireland, or the Industrial age.  Well if you have ever seen the pictures in history books you might know what I mean.

I made scrambled eggs and toast for lunch.  It went down fairly well with a minimal amount of pain.  It was simple and good.  I was hoping to have onions in it but we didn’t have any.

I am going to watch NCIS for a while until I get bored.


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