Finally Got some Sleep

Well I couldn’t sleep very well after three.  I have discovered if I sleep with that pillow chair it would be okay (but slightly uncomfortable) because I am at incline and there isn’t a lot of pressure on the sides bothering me.  If I don’t sleep with it-it can be uncomfortable.  I know this doesn’t make sense but it is the truth.   I took the night time Tylenol and it let me sleep until 8.  Overall no pain but I am sure it will wear off.   Well I know I still have the problem when I yawn it is still catching.

I woke to a fresh blanket of snow this morning.  It didn’t start until some time after midnight.  Before going to bed last night I checked out twitter and saw some tweets to Channel 8’s Gil Simmons (he is the weatherman there) and there were reports of snow. 

Mom was just getting up when I was leaving.  She still wasn’t feeling well and it would see she had a lazy day so far.  She was sleeping in the chair out back when I came home from my morning activities.

How were my morning activities you ask?  Well they were great.  PJ and Matt were there getting coffee for the residents.  I was late but we did okay.  We played for an hour and we were able to receive communion. 

After Bingo I went to church and then to Liz and Nel’s house.  I was there about an hour and we talked about everything.  The storm, the grandkids including the newest two expected to arrive in March, and the fact that bright and early this morning Liz performed at the 8:30 mass as Eucharistic Minister.  Next Sunday she will be doing both of the ministries at two masses (she will read and serve).  I don’t think she can do both at the same Mass.  She also tells me the Eucharistic Ministers will no longer be on the altar but they will be in the first few pews.

Ah no….I just found a former police office I knew passed away this week.  His name was Officer Ed Kelly.  He was the police spokesperson for Milford Police Department and he was on the force when I was in the Explorer troop in High School His Son Jr was one of our troop members.  I sent a message to some of the guys I grew up with in the neighborhood and on the post with us.  I don’t know if they remember him or care but I thought it would be okay.

Since I have been home I managed to get the sympathy card for our friends who lost a Mom  this week.  The couple is also on the DTC with us so I definitely  had to get the card out.  I also managed to get a load of laundry started.

That wind is blowing hard outside.  It has been all day.  I don’t think I would want to be out there.  It is a little cold in here too.  I am going to have some tea.