Wednesday Mid Week Reflection

Well the last half of the week was filled with meetings, appointments  and celebrations.  Saturday My Sister Liz was commissioned as one of three new Eucharistic Ministers at her church.  This allows her to distribute communion either at the church during the masses or to bring it to those who are homebound or in nursing homes or hospitals.

Tuesday was Mom’s and my late Brother Bob’s Birthday.  There was a mass said for Bob early yesterday morning that I couldn’t attend due to the fact I had to be at work by 8.  My Sister and Sister in Law took us out to dinner for Mom’s birthday.  Liz’s Son Rich joined us.  My Brother in Law had a prior commitment though.

The work week is going pretty well so far.  I have been keeping up with the work volume and the stress I was feeling last week  has all but disappeared.  I have been able to help out with the scanning as well.  It has been bantered about since we have switched over to the new Billing computer system that we will see less OT for scanning by the end of the month.  I don’t know if that means I won’t be doing it once my work is done or not.  Only time will tell.  Until that day I will be taking advantage of all the OT I can get.

The rest of the week will be fairly quiet aside from a meeting or two during the week.  This weekend coming up I will be working and doing our annual Valentines delivery at the nursing home with the club.

It ‘s time for me to go to sleep now…will see you later….