I didn't know

Last night I was looking out the window towards New Haven Avenue when I saw a car driving towards West Haven and I was shocked and confused.  It wasn’t until an hour and half later that I found out the travel ban had been lifted around 4 pm yesterday afternoon.  I posted it on twitter after midnight and my friends from the NCIS world replied.  They said most of the parking/driving bans were lifted by 4 pm.

Hopefully that means that in the next 48 hours our streets will be user friendly.  I don’t know if we will have to go to work  tomorrow or not.  I know I won’t be leaving the street for bingo either. 

I called the nursing home to let them know I wasn’t coming in.  I took  a few minutes to chat with the woman and she said they were tired but still doing okay.

I am not sure what time I finally fell asleep.  I continue to have problems getting comfortable lying down on the bed with what ever aches I am having and also the breathing at first.  I had this wild idea that perhaps I have a blood clot again but I don’t know how I would have gotten one.  My shoulder blade hurts a little and any time I sneeze, yawn it feels like my side buckles like it did last year.

Well I still have to clear a path off the front porch so that when we are able to drive we don’t break our necks getting there.  I also want to get it done before the NCIS marathon.

Today is my young nephew J's birthday I think he is 14 or 15 can't remember.  I sent him a card on Thursday and I hope he got it by now.