Lazy Afternoon

The weather is not conducive to an active afternoon.  The sun has been playing hide and seek for most of the morning with the clouds winning out in the afternoon.  I did manage to get the rest of the laundry going and it’s finishing up as I write this.

I just took a look at and almost all around us there is snow, ice and a mixed precipitation.  I don’t envy the residents living in the Cape Cod Area.  Can anyone tell me the difference between and  Don’t they get their information from the same place?

The rest of the time I have spent watching the NCIS weekend Marathon.  I figured it was on only yesterday (Yay USA) but it isn’t.  I have seen most of them at least a million times.  I did surf the web for a while too.

I am glad the marathon is on because I just do not want to watch the Oscars.  They bore me to death.  Besides I can find the winners online as soon as they are announced.  I saw a portion of Shindler’s List last night.  It was very good.  It has gotten me consider reading the book itself.  The movie was on USA Network last night.  It was part of their Characters Unite Promotional but I found out it is also the 20th anniversary of its theatrical release.

Tonight’s dinner is a mixture of leftovers and soup.  The Frittata that TM made earlier this week for Mom.  The Rice and shrimp from Friday’s dinner and to top it off squash chowder.

Well its time for me to check the laundry…see ya later.