Digging out

Well good morning my friends.  The storm has ended for most of the South Eastern part of the state.  All that’s left is the digging out.  Earlier this morning Neighbor Kim and her girls were digging out but it seemed to be too
snow blower now and I am thinking we will have to move our cars eventually.  I have heard that Milford got 40 inches of snow.

I have heard from some of my friends Like T and of course Dave.  They are buried in snow completely.  I sent out a general email to my lists of friends and groups that I am on and have heard from at least a couple of people so far. 

Mom got up this morning but had no actual newspaper.  Of course she went on line to read as she does when there is no paper.  She is feeling much better then she did yesterday so now she is going to be doing stuff (within the limits of the house).

I am all showered and have (what I hope is ) a final load of laundry for the weekend going on now.   Then I probably will spend some time straightening up the room and working on my taxes. 

I am trying to find the H&R Block system pack that I got in December but it seems to have all but disappeared amongst the piles of papers on my desk.  Ah just found it…J 

Well I am getting hungry so I am going to have a late breakfast.  See ya.