Still Cold

It is after 10.  The digging out around the neighborhood has stopped for now.  Don finished probably around 3 or 4.  I also noticed in several different places that the snow was melting quickly.  This is one time I hope it is all melted by Thursday as it is recycle day and garbage day for us.  It took me some time to pick up the recycle bin from the ground and it still has snow in it.  The garbage can is firmly planted in the  snow by the stairs.

The travel ban is still in effect for the state.  We even got email alerts from the asking residents to be patient with the Public works department as they begin to plow and get things back to normal.  So the only thing I will be doing tomorrow morning is making a path on the porch to the sidewalk (still a lot of snow there).

I was watching some videos from around the New England area to see how they faired and how much the storm hit them.  It was very pretty to watch but yeah every one got hit.  I even looked at pictures on

I watched TV for a while but nothing really on.  I have seen the star trek episodes on BBC America before.  Mom just went to bed and I will be going myself.