Not slowing down

It is 8:30 and the storm is going strong outside.  The snow and ice is hitting the windows very hard.  So hard it sounds like the glass is breaking.  It hasn’t really let up all night.

The various reports I have heard and read is that Milford it self should get anywhere from 15 to 25 inches of snow by the time this is through tomorrow afternoon by 5. 

Governor Malloy issued a travel ban by 4 pm this afternoon.  Many of the reporters who had to be out in this weather noticed that almost everyone listened to the ban and stayed inside. 

I spent the afternoon watching TV, surfing the net and reading and answering emails.  One of them was from my brother J.  He wanted us to know that he reserved a room for us at the hotel Wyngate(?) in Allentown for the weekend of my nephew’s confirmation.  This particular hotel is literally right off the highway there and definitely down the street from Dorney Park.

Mom got up around 6 after the phone rang.  The call was from my Cousin Lee in NJ.  We were seeing comparing notes on the storm.  We also caught up on family news. 

Mom stayed up for a couple of hours and just went back to bed.  She wasn’t feeling any better really.  She is going to keep the heat up tonight just in case we do lose power it will turn off anyway.  I really don’t want to lose power.  I would get bored quickly if I couldn’t watch TV or get online.

I have actually turned off the lights and probably will go to sleep as I am tired


This is a good time for cocoa :)
Kate said…
oh but it would have kept me the coffee did from the afternoon..:)

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