Today is Ground Hog Day

Today is the day we are supposed to look to a ground hog to determine how much longer winter will last.  Either way it will be six weeks.  The last thing Mom wants to see is a ground hog in the yard. Unfortunately it will be a given that when they wake up they probably will be in our yard and our garage.

Mom forwarded a picture of the headstone for Bob and Ethel.  It is lovely.  Hopefully you can see the picture.  Ethel will be having a mass said for Bob’s Birthday and their anniversary on Tuesday.  Unfortunately it is at 7:30 in the morning.  I just can’t make it. 

OH finally T picked a time for the Board Meeting it’s at 1 pm.  She didn’t respond to me personally (which I am finding difficult not to think the worse about it). It should be an hour or so.

Later on today is Liz’s Eucharistic Minister commission service.  They are going to have a “party” afterwards.  Liz says she isn’t making it a big deal as Nelson is.  She should.  Its important.

It is getting to be 10 in the morning and I need to do some more stuff before going to the hair appointment.


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