I managed to get a lot done today.  I finished yesterday’s and today’s mail and managed to spend from 2 pm to 4 pm working on the lobby mail that had five days worth of mail.  I had to stop and think about how many days and up to today its five days.   I was able to work on some readdress mail.  Mostly stuff that came in today (and they were symposiums or things the doctors needed within the next month.   I was working on the postage tallies for the 21st and I have to work on it tomorrow. 

I worked until 6 and for the two hours I scanned 756 pages of documents that counts out to 21 batches.  That may not seem a lot but it is time consuming and a lot to prepare them.  I scanned twice as much from yesterday. 

The drive home wasn’t bad.  It was quite light for a middle of the Christmas shopping season.  I was really expecting it to be very slow going.  I made it home by 6:30.  Mom had dinner waiting for me.

We had baked ziti with meatballs.  I loved it.  For dessert there was apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  There are leftovers for the ziti.  I suspect Mom will freeze those for nights when she has to come home late from meetings.

I am not sure but I think I missed my B12 shot today.  I had a reminder pop up but I didn’t go.  Normally I would get a phone reminder.  I didn’t get that either that’s why I need to check calendar/appointment books.

 Did anyone get to see the moon tonight?  It lit up the sky.  It was simply beautiful.  I was checking the weather reports for this week.  It will be cloudy for the next week.  We are supposed to get snow sometime mid week.  The news was talking about the weather on the West Coast.  There are several storms at one time hitting the coast as well as up to Idaho I think they said.

Well Mom went to bed an hour ago.  I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open so I am going to go to sleep now.  Have a great night.


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