I ended up crashing after work

I did manage to have lunch and then began puttering out.  I had to finish some stuff I couldn’t while working (the sites logged me out and my brain went dead then.  I did go and see kitty and she was good.  Mom made arrangements to pick up her hearing apparatus from her friend and I just vegetated out.  Part of the problem was I have been coughing through out the afternoon.  I did take some cough medicine and now it seems to be subsiding. 

I told Mom about the incredible itchy hands I had today and she seems to think it was the Vitamin K.  That’s one of the side effects that hands get very itchy.  It started while I was at work.  It flared up a couple of times this evening and I put some hydrocortisone and it seems to be getting better.

One thing I may have done was made a mistake about the time for the Veteran’s day service.  I think I told Telka 1 and it should have 2 pm.  She wants every one to come at 1 pm for set up.

We had French toast for dinner tonight.  We were not sure what we wanted (we had pasta a lot this week) and we were sure we didn’t want any more tonight. 

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome any new followers to the blogs.  I hope you will find this blog entertaining and fairly informative.