Well I am home

I left the office in plenty of time.  Traffic was not in the least bit cooperating (what a shock Phelan!).  I got to the Eye appointment on time but didn’t get in until 3:15.  I had to call IMM and cancel today’s INR reading until Monday.  I was finished by 4:30 and everything is normal and I can continue to take the plaquenil. 

After the appointment I drove to Liz’s and spent time there.  They were getting ready to come here to give Mom flowers for thanksgiving.  They were here when I got home.

Before coming home I had to run some errands (dinner rolls for tomorrow).  Mom couldn’t hear me tell her where I was and that my eyes were dilated.  I finally picked up rolls from Trader Joes (Costco had run out).  After that I went to Card smart to get holiday cards and my dinner.  I had Chinese.  After some story telling Nelson and Liz left. 

Not before I gave a tap/hit to nelson because he can’t seem to stop his incessant teasing about me and cooking.  One of these days I am really going tear him a new one.  Liz reminded him of what he does and or doesn’t do around the house and what she does and does do around the house.

Mom is continuing to cook (I offered to help) and Mom said no.  I think she is done for the night but I am not sure (it’s after 9 pm now) and I have been watching TV.

Now that my eyes are returning to normal I am tired and I am going to bed.  I have things I need to do tomorrow.  Laundry early and helping Mom the rest of the day.