Crazy Busy

Today was crazy busy.  There was road work down the street from our street and it caused a back up (It was the Oyster river repair job).  The commute home was even nuttier. There was a traffic delay from Fair Haven all the way to West Haven and so I had to take the long way around.  I got home for dinner by 6:40.

When I did get to work I found lockbox waiting for me.  Before getting started I think I went and picked up stuff from ITS.  I spent the day working on the mail and got it done by 1:30.  I also worked on Re-address mail as well.  I made a dent in the Medical Society stuff.  From 2 pm until 6 I was scanning.  I have to tally the numbers to see how much I got done for Scanning.

Speaking of which I just wrote to Mardi about Friday, originally I told her that I might be working but I found out today that there is no approved OT for scanning only Cash posting.  There is approved OT for Scanning and Cash posting on Saturday.  That means the freaking mail will have to sit there until Monday.  Although Jim the courier did make a good point there won’ be a lot of mail because most of the places will be closed.

Around noon JanetN went home sick.  She just felt really nauseous.   I asked Annette if she was feeling lonely because she was the only back in the scanning area.  Joanie wasn’t feeling well and stayed home today.  Annette asked me about Janet and I told her.  She realized why I asked if she was feeling lonely.

It looks like we may have dryer issues.  It wasn’t drying very well.  I suggested to Mom to get the lint that has been collecting in the vent cleared out.  This couldn’t have happened at the worst time. 

It also feels like my cough is coming back I can hear fluid like in the chest.  I really would like this to be done with.  I may have to pick up the other prescription for Azithromycin.  I would like to not be sick for this holiday or any of the upcoming holidays.

Mom tells me that Jim will see the heart specialist tomorrow.  The doctor originally was going to put it off but changed his mind.  Jim is worried about it.  To be honest I am too.  I can’t go through another loss again.

I noticed many people have their homes decorated for the Christmas Holiday already.  I have a feeling most of them did it this past weekend since the weather was nice.  It will be a matter of time before everyone is decorated.

Well I am tired and I need to take some meds now and get into the sack.  I am leaving work at 2:30 for my eye appointment and for my INR.  I told Mom I would be home by 5 just the same.