Weird Dreams

Morning everyone I hope everyone had a good sleep.  I did even though I had some weird dreams about animals.  First one was a either woodchuck caught up in the tree and came into the house and then I was with people whom I knew but we were picking up a dead body and there were dogs around and some were not comfortable with the dogs.  I don’t remember much more because I woke up.

I have been getting email requests to join from many of my friends over the years and finally decided to look up the reviews.  They are mixed.  I don’t want to be spammed incessantly and I sure don’t want to pay for it.

I am probably going to work until 6 tonight.  I don’t have any appointments after work so I want to work on the re-address mail and hopefully help with the scanning.

I am hoping I can do some straightening up in my room before NCIS starts tonight.

Okay well I got to get ready for work.  Have a great day.