What a night

I had a hard time getting to sleep again.  The coughing finally subsided  by 1 and a short time later I was sleeping.  I really thought the cough was subsiding when I wrote last night but I was wrong.  I am thinking it could be some form of asthma.

As a result of the late sleep I slept in until 6:30.  I folded some clothes and forgot the others.  I got ready for work and Mom critiqued my blouse (that I ironed). She noticed I wasn’t liking it.  Damn Straight.  You might want to work on your delivery.

I got to work before 8.  The ride in was okay.  No real traffic problems.  I chatted with JanetN.  Then hopped on the rest of yesterday's return mail.  There was well over 230 pieces yesterday.  I am hoping that won’t be the case today.  So far the mail volume is okay and the count is: 248 (yeah that was probably TMI).

I checked my-time reports and found out that I had not requested the 21st off for my eye appointment.  I did that this morning and it almost was not approved.  JudyF tells me that too many people have it off and she couldn’t approve anymore   When she heard it was just for  couple of hours it was fine.

I am still getting spammed in older blog entries.  Listen folks.  Please don’t try and sell me stuff.  I don’t need or want it.    All that will happen is you will get deleted and perhaps banned from the site.

I tried to call the phone company to cancel my home phone service and I was on the phone six minutes and waiting.  I will try at lunch time.  

I better go.  I have the mail to open and not enough room on my desk.


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