It would seem

It seems I have a middle ear infection.  The nice MD (who apparently doesn’t age) prescribed antibiotics and ear drops.  There was some confusion on one and the other isn’t available or isn’t being paid for by the insurance company.  I managed to access the patient portal for the Internal Medicine and left messages.  I am just waiting to hear from them.  I will pick up the Azithromycin tomorrow either before or after the oral surgery. 

It was nearly lunch time when I got back to the office.  The mail was waiting for me and I got to it.  I spent the afternoon working on it and now have only a small handful left that I will add to the mail from tomorrow. 

I had a scallop roll/sandwich from Szabo’s and it was delicious.  There were fries with it and a soda all for $9.  It was quite good.  After lunch I continued to work on the mail until it was time to go home.

Ethel called me this afternoon trying to get a hold of Mom.  Ethel was going to the city to be with Diane for her birthday and Mom offered to take Ethel to the train when it was time.  So in essence we were literarily playing telephone.    They apparently connected as Ethel was here when I got home tonight.

Ethel’s train wasn’t leaving for some time so she joined us for beefaroni dinner.  They left around 5:30 and I finished the dinner and watched NCIS.  I cleared the table and figured out what I was doing wrong with the patient portal (using the wrong username). 

When Mom came home she finished making more beefaroni dishes and got into her pajamas and relaxed.  I started some laundry and just waiting to put in the dryer.

Liz called tonight and says she is going to a retreat this weekend so she won’t be home at all.   My nephew Rich is coming on Thursday for Thanksgiving.   Jim’s plans changed slightly so he will be coming in on Thursday with the kids.

I think I am going to make my “To-Do list” tonight so that I can make sure things are done before the weekend start and that I don’t get underfoot of Mom.  She did some shopping today and I am thinking she is going full steam ahead now that Thanksgiving is a week away.


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