Almost in the Dog House

I was almost in the dog house last night and for the rest of the week.  We had just had a visit from Neighbor Don.  After he left I was telling Mom that Roberta was on her way over to pick me up for the meeting.  Mom didn’t hear me and was telling me for the second time that the tray on the floor was for the boots not other accessories.  I swore she heard that.  She got offended and I told her I had been talking   She said something and walked away.  I was so aggravated and happily Roberta had just arrived.  

I got back to the house by 9.  Mom was already in bed and I took care of the garbage and then watched TV for a while.  Then I finally went to sleep.  This morning I got the rest of the garbage out and made sure things that Mom complained about were no longer an issue.  Before leaving the house I talked with Mom.  I told her I would make sure not to leave things there and to keep it organized.  I also told her I do understand how she may not be able to hear because of my own ear being blocked.   Anyway, things were fine when I left the house this morning.

The woman’s Club meeting went extremely well.  Roberta and I chatted about things while the others worked on the gift wrapping.  We didn’t start the actual meeting until 7:30. .  We had a couple of installations and we discussed taking a day trip to Newport RI to see the Holidays at the Mansions.    We also discussed the activities for the next couple of months.  We also signed a card for Hailey the girl we “adopted” from save the chlidren organization for thanksgiving.

I finally got a call from Internal Medicine.  I will be seeing Dr. Specter at 10:30.  I am hoping he will let me know what’s happening and what to do about the ear.

I made arrangements with Judy to come in on Saturday and do the mail instead of scanning.  I told her I would be here by 9 or 9:15.  She agreed to it 


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