It just didn't work tonight

I got a call from Telka tonight asking if I would come to the pie baking session tonight.   There were 40 pies yet to be done and not enough people there to do it.  The kids already there had to leave before all of the pies were done.   Unfortunately, I was already in my pajamas and I wasn’t feeling well.  I have been having coughing fits all night long.  After taking Robitussin’s CM they seem to be subsiding for now.

I started some laundry just before 8 tonight.  The first load was not finished until 10 pm and then I started the second one while the other is in the dryer.  I am pretty sure they are dried but I am not going to check until the morning.

I watched TV and got online for a little bit and now I am heading to bed despite the ongoing hack fest.