Rain in the Morning Snow in the Evening

I woke up to rain this morning.  Others had snow on their way into work.  It’s cold and I would have preferred to stay in bed but that wasn’t going to happen.  By mid morning it turned to snow.  Milford didn’t get any but northern cities and towns did.

I managed to finish yesterday’s mail and started on todays.  I will have to finish it in the morning and then start on tomorrow's.  I still have the mail from the lobby and I am not sure when I can get to it.  

I got a lovely call from Gayle.   She is currently in the infirmary at the health plan recovering from her latest health issue.  I relayed her message to the team and it went well.  

I did scanning for OT.  I scanned 307 pages (or documents) and total of 16 batches.  I left at 6 and had a fairly good ride home.

When I got home our dinner was in the oven.  Mom was in her pajamas.  As I was finishing my dinner I had a few dizzy spells.  I walked slowly up the stairs (I think I scared Mom a little.) and it was happening again.  I finally laid across the bed and put the tv on and was fine after a while.

I went back downstairs and told MOm I was feeling better.  I came back upstairs and watched TV and did some web surfing.

I am tired now so I may not do very much now.