Didn't go to the Military Whisk

Mike and Roberta picked me up a little after 5:30.  We talked about where we were going to eat (it was my choice) we had at least two hours to eat before going to Meriden.  I picked Outback in Orange.  Unfortunately Roberta’s sense of direction was a little off and we did some back tracking up through Pez Candy factory and came up that way.

  Unfortunately we had a 45 minute wait.  So we went to 477 West in the Allingtown section of West Haven.  Our wait was a little shorter.  We started off with potato skins, and we each had something different.  Well Roberta had potato encrusted salmon and Mike and I had half a rack of ribs.  I had fries and Ice Tea and water.  It was getting later than we expected and we had to take Mike home yet.

Both Mike and Roberta caught colds on their return trip from Arizona this past week. They both made an attempt to do this Military Whisk but couldn’t.  We called DebbieM to let her know we are running late and we would be there as soon as we dropped Mike back home.  It was nearly 8 when she called back and we would have been there shortly.  She called back and said that it would probably be better if we didn’t come because they were going to start. 

At that point we were in the Long Wharf section of New Haven and turned around and headed home.  We stopped at the pharmacy to buy some Alka-Seltzer plus cold med for Mike and then Roberta dropped me off. 

Mom was surprised to see me but she was even more surprised at the beautiful Native American Crucifix that I got as a gift from Mike and Roberta.  It has coral, Turquoise, Jet Black (?).  It was hand made by a Zuni Indian (that’s what is written on the box).  I looked it up and here is their history.

Since I have been home I have been watching TV, browsing the web, and getting ready for bed.  I think its time I get to bed anyway.  I am tired and not feeling so well.