Quiet Friday

It seems very quiet for the last day of Month End.  I got here exactly at 8 and a short time later I started on the lockbox.  It is fairly light but I am expecting more later.  If I get this finished soon I can work on the postage tallies until the second wave arrives.

I was a little stressed out last night before starting OT.  SusanR came to me to find out if I was behind in th mail and I told her no.  She says that FinanceJoel complained that the YHP was dated the 20th. I explained I got it from her but that I gotten that yesterday.  I went back to an explained to her why the big gap.  She seemed to understand but reminded me that if I am swimming to let them know.  I felt better by the time I started OT but I wasn’t pleased by my productivity. I scanned 10 batches in two hours.  The number of pages were 237.

I was home by 6:30.  Mom was already in her pajamas and just remembered the DTC meeting.  We had dinner right then.  Left over turkey tetrazzini.  She also made stuffed tomatoes and a couple of stuffed peppers with the leftover stuffing and cheese.  

After dinner I relaxed until the DTC.  I left for the DTC and made a stop for Hot Chocolate.  BIG MISTAKE.  I got to the meeting early and chatted with some of my fellow peeps.   As the meeting started there were definitely some rowdy people.  I made a comment and MFahey was questioning me.  I don’t think she was appreciative of my attitude but I explained it to her.  She was empathetic but realistic as well.

Once the meeting was over I headed home.  I told her when the DTC holiday party is (December 17th.  Afterwards I went upstairs and watched TV for a while.

I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight.  I watched NCIS on line until it sounded weird.  That’s the reason why said it was a big mistake for me to have Hot Chocolate.

I woke up around 6 and got ready.  I had the TV on in the background while I got ready.  Mom was still in bed when I left.

Mail volume was light but I was busy all day.  I caught up with the return mail and was able to deliver some of the other floors’ mail.  Now I am just counting down the minutes.


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