Wednesday Mid Week Reflection

Every week the Journal-Writing list I belong to has “Wednesday Mid-Week Reflection and encourages the members to write in their journals.  Well since I do this (write in my journal) regularly I don’t always do this journal prompt.  Today I decided I would do it this week.

It has been a rather quiet week so far.  I have been working mostly and becoming a little overwhelmed with the work.  I am about a day and half behind in opening the mail I have received.  I couldn’t work on Friday’s mail on Saturday so I did it Monday and everything was moved back a day or so (or is it up?)

I had my INR/Coumadin level checked on Monday and it is rather low for me but apparently a normal level for everyone else.  I was supposed to be taking the Warfarin right after the oral procedure last week but neither the tech nor I knew this.  I see them again on Friday.

Last night at dinner I had a dizzy spell.  The entire room was spinning and at first didn’t say anything to Mom and I waited for it to pass.  It slowed down for a short time and then started up again.  I left the table and went and lied down.  It finally passed but it was really weird.

I haven’t started anything for Christmas.  I am hoping to get the card list written out and then mail them soon. 

The rest of the week will be quiet for except for a couple of meetings.