Laid back Friday

Good Morning!  It’s 9:30 and the house is starting to wake up.  Actually I have been awake since 7 and out of bed by 8.  Mom got just about then and got her coffee and I emptied the dishwasher and she woke up.  Mom will be making waffles once everyone is up.

The tentative plans for the day are varied right now.  Diane and Ethel are supposed to come for dinner and a movie.  The movie choices are Lincoln and Life of PI.  Jim is having dinner with Bob’s friend Frank Cicone.  Liz and Nel might come by sometime. 

Hey guys…as I thought some plans changed.  Ethel was coming home around noon from NY while Diane overslept.  Ethel asked me to go open the back door for her assistant so that’s what I did. 

When I got back here Mom asked me to bring the kids over and visit.  I did but I am really annoyed with them.  They spent the entire time watching TV while Liz continued to get them to interact with the younger Morgan’s and they wouldn’t until it was time to go.  I made sure I was out there interacting with them and helping Liz rake.

Liz totally ignored Mom’s request to not feed them junk.  Liz was annoyed with me when I got an attitude.  Well fucking excuse me but Mom told you we just finished eating breakfast and that we would be going out to dinner.  Why the fuck would you do that?  They did have fruits and vegetables but there were chips also and it is the principle of the matter. 

If I had pulled the stuff like that you don’t think someone would say something to me?  I got news for you if we were going out to dinner with in two hours and they couldn’t eat because they stuffed food in their pie holes?

I told the kids I felt they were really rude.  I also told them Aunt Liz was also disappointed.    They were quiet the whole ride home.

We all met back at the house around 4.  Jim had already come home and he opted out of the movies.  Jim had met Frank C for lunch instead of dinner. 

We all chatted and decided to go to the 4:30 show of Life of PI.  We had very little time to get there but we made it.  The girls rode with me while the guys rode with Mom. 

Mom and the boys got there before us and paid for the tickets.  Rogier got us all refreshments while Diane waited for her Mom.  We got our seats and got our refreshments and 3-D glasses. 

There were lots of previews and some were three D including the re-release of Jurassic park.  Then eventually the movie was playing.  It was great.  I liked the effects and everything.   The only thing was at one point I was in need of going to the bathroom and I was afraid to go because of missing anything.  As soon as it was over I ran.

After the movie we came back to the house and ordered pizza.  I had a sandwich and while talking with Jim he “chastised me“  for inviting people to come to the house for dinner.  He claimed I wrote it on Facebook in the last few days.  I didn’t and he didn’t have clear proof.  He also contradicted me several times about things and you know what? I am done.  He and the kids can just go back home.

I didn’t even say good bye or goodnight to anyone I was either to aggravated or tired. 


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