Major Panic Attack

Good News?  Today is pay day.  Bad News I had a mini financial crisis that I had to deal with this morning.  I should be okay but it was scary.

I left the house at a decent time and made it to work at decent time.  I walked in with Mama Joanie.  She has Neuropathy in her legs.  We talked about the financial crisis.  She reassured me that I will be okay.

Since being here I worked on the readdress mail (the medical journals) and I am almost done with them.  Since JudyF isn’t in today (early holiday) I reminded KathyB that I would be leaving early today for my appointments.  She kind of hinted that the whole floor will be gone including herself by that time.  We were joking around saying I need to help Mom cook.  NadineJ was there too and they heard my confession that I am a slob.

Around 9 lockbox arrived and it was small.  I wasn’t sure what would be waiting for me in Finance. My hope  that Courier Jack would come at a decent time was forefront in my mind.    I have a feeling I won’t be able to finish EVERYTHING by the time I leave (it would be nice).

I had a three cheese omelet with hashbrowns from Paula’s I ate it all.  I expect to have aches and pains with the cheese but for now go with the flow.  The coffee was Pumpkin flavored.  It wasn’t staying warm in my mug today but that’s what microwaves were made for.

After break time I called Mom to see what she was up to.  She was up and reading the paper when I left this morning.  Anyway, she was on her way out to do any last  minute shopping (whistling).

Courier Jack didn’t deliver the mail until after 11:15.  I was really getting anxious because I want to be finished with it by the time I had left today.  Except for the lobby mail and the postage tallies I had the daily stuff done.  The rest will have to wait until Monday.

Well its time for me to say Adieu for now.