Thought I lost

I was afraid I lost my license this morning.  I looked a few times in my pocketbook and didn’t see it.  I even looked around this heaping mess I call my room.  I couldn’t find it at all.  Having that knowledge I drove really cautiously all the way to work.  I shared “lost license” story with Gloria O and she reassured me I would find it.  Lo and behold after being in my office nearly an hour I had to go into my pocketbook and get something and found it in between my checkbook.  Of course I kept it in my pocket for the rest of the day until it was time go home.  It is currently in its rightful place.

I got to work shortly before 8 and chatted briefly with Janet and Joanie and then began working on the stuff on my desk.  First it was some of the mail, then the return mail.  I delivered the pile of checks that I had opened on Saturday and found stuff waiting for me to open. 

I worked on the mail all day until it was four.  I also did some of the readdress mail because I was getting really tired of it building up.  I worked on it until 6 and then left for home. 

I talked with Liz and Mom today.  Liz was just getting up from her busy weekend.  She went on a retreat and it wore her out.  We talked about how Mom seems to be doing (referring to the holiday without Bob).  I told her she seems to be okay and that she always gets a little busy at holidays anyway.

Mom was doing shopping and she bought an 18 lb turkey for $20.  She said she talked with someone who bought an organic Turkey for $100.00.  She is still on the look out for the roast beast.

It was just about 6:30 when I got home.  Mom was waiting for her ride to her Bridges meeting.  She had my dinner fixings on the counter and I got to them (I only had breakfast this morning). 

When Mom left I ate and watched the last half hour of NCIS, Charmed, and then I watched NCIS:LA and Charmed again.  I have been browsing the web also.  Mom came home by 9 and I am about to go to bed soon.

How was your day?