Early Morning

I was up before 8 and sending out emails from Chairman Phil.  I didn’t quite understand one of his emails but I sent what I could out.  I was over Roberta and Mikes by 8:15 feeding Junior and spending a little time with her.

When I got back to the house and told Mom that I have been trying to contact the nursing home she suggested I go there.  I was hesitant at first but after I did it was a good idea.  They have no phone but they just got their computers back online.

I heard from Cousins Jane and Lee C in Matawan.  Jane spent a few days with her Brother Don in Brattleboro and Lee says they have a generator but no full power right now.

Mom left to do the canvassing around 11.   I am not going to because I don’t feel well.    She seemed to be okay with it.  She came back an hour later because they didn’t want her coughing.  I am expecting some emails telling me I shouldn’t have let her go.  You try telling an 85 year old woman what she can or can’t do.

I am trying to read other blogs and most of the ones I read about projects they are working on or herbs and I think witchcraft. I read some others that were from Alaska.  Some I may follow as the type to write when the time comes.

I haven’t really done much in between. I have been watching TV, hung some clothes that needed hanging.  I might take a nap.  I have a few hours before I go check on kitty.


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