I saw David Yesterday

I left the house later then I should but I did get to stop at the DD near the nursing home.  I chatted with the picket line and then went inside.  Shelly was there and so was Matt we chatted.  Some of the residents were getting a little rowdy and I put my foot down.  I just said if they couldn’t behave they would leave.  As the morning progressed we had six or seven games but no coin for the games.

After the games I went to church.  I  was only a few minutes late but they were just finishing prayers between the two readings.  After church I was about to call Liz (I had the gifts that Claudia sent) but I got a call from Dave.  He wanted me to accompany him to Vinny’s Garden Center and run some errands with him and then we would go to the movies later.  We agreed to meet back at the house by 1:15.

After the call I called Liz and made arrangements to come over for a short time.  Chris, Audrey, Jason were tehre when I got there.  They were having Thanksgiving #2 that afternoon.  I spent time with them and then came home.  

When I got home told Mom what my afternoon plans were going to be.  A short time later we got a visit from Mike and Tessa and then Dave arrived.   Mom was having a really hard time hearing everything.  Dave thought he was speaking loud enough (he was speaking too fast as usual).  I tried to explain to her but both she and Tessa were dismissive.  That just aggravated me all the more and we took off.

For the next several hours we shared our litany of family stories and things that aggravated us.  We made stops at Yankee Candle Factory in Orange, then Bob’ Store, then we decided on Supper.  We went to Puerto Villarta Restaurant  Dave had a shrimp dish and I had frjitas beef and chicken.  We had something was large Guacamole served in mini shells...We had flan for dessert.  After that we headed to the mall.

The first place we hit was Macy’s.  Dave needed to get gifts for his niece and nephew.  He bought some stuff for himself (something I gave up on convincing him not to do).  I called Mom from there. That was a mistake.  She couldn’t hear me.  The rest of the store could.

Second place we went was Hallmark store.  I got a couple of cards.  The get well card that i was supposed to pick weeks ago for JWalker, a cute Birthday card for SRoddy (I handed it to her this  morning).  After that we headed to the theater.  I waited for him while he went to Target and to the car with our stuff.

We saw Lincoln.  It was great.  IT was a lot of fun trying to identify all the actors who I have seen over teh years in various shows, movies.  I also didn’t mind the incessant number of advertisements, behind the scenes segments, and the upcoming previews.  We were finished by 9:30 and home a short time later.  

I chatted with Mom who was already in her pajamas watching TV.  She had gone out to lunch with Mike and Tessa to a Mexican Restaurant in West Haven and had hamburgers.  I told her about the movie and how things were going for his family.  I went and finished watching the last part of the NCIS marathon.  Actually I didn’t watch the last full hour of it because I was tired and I wanted to go to bed.

Right now I am finishing up Friday’s mail.  I will be starting on today’s and finishing it tomorrow.  I am planning on leaving a little before 4 for my INR check up.  Then I am picking up my plaquenil.

I called Mom because she had an early morning appointment it was for her iron infusion.  I am not sure what else (Possibly the dryer repairman)

We have a DTC meeting this week but the rest of it should be quiet. I hope

In the mean time I need to get going....