Going to be a busy weekend

I am just sitting her reading emails and messages and getting ready for my day.  I realized this weekend will certainly be busy. 

This morning I have my session with Debra.  It is our first Saturday session ever.  At least to my knowledge afterwards I will be at work until 3:30.  I will relax for a little while when I get home.

Tonight is Military Whisk.  It is a type of Gin Rummy game and you have four on your team and switch tables and play with others.  This is the second time I have played it and it is fun.  Mike and Roberta will be picking me up for 5:30 dinner and then we go to Meriden where the game is being held.  It is at DebbieM’s synagogue.

Tomorrow I have bingo and then spending the afternoon at Telka’s doing baking for Pie in the sky.  WE usually have a great time with baking and preparing.


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