Today was the Oral Surgery

I had the oral surgery today.  I had to make last minute arrangements to get the INR checked and it was low enough for them to do it.  I have been waiting for this for some months now.    Mom chauffeured me around to these appointments and to pick up the prescriptions too.  She did awesome.

We got back to the house after 12 and I took all the medicine I was supposed to including the ear drops (I was surprised I was able to get that).  Around 1 I took a nap and it was a good one because I woke up around 3.  It was just about then when I received a bouquet of flowers from both dentists thanking me for allowing them to serve me.

I had problems getting on to the site this morning and blocked myself off and quite frankly it pissed me off.  I don’t know why it happened but they got the messages at IMM.  This afternoon I got three Voice mails from the doctors need to call them tomorrow.

Mom tells me that Ethel and Diane will not be joining us for Thanksgiving this year.  They are part of the Phillipino-American organization in NY.  They had an event last night.

I managed to do some laundry and it should be finished by 7.  The rest of the night will be easy does it night.  I have an early morning appointment and then I am going to work.

Mom and I had a surprise visit from the wood chuck clan.  This huge creature (who should be hibernating right now) was searching for something to eat.  We thought he was gone for good.  We were wrong again.