I am trying something.

Hey everyone, I am work right now.  I have been here an hour now.  I left the house just before 10:30 and stopped for breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts.  I got to the hair salon on time unfortunately my hairdresser was really behind.   She finally got to me by 11:20.  I was finished by 12:15 and got to the office by 12:20 and started working at 12:30.  While I was there I told a few people the things that bothered me about this weekend.  Jamie who doesn’t usually work on Liz’s hair heard me and understood.  I am seeing if it will get back to Liz and Nelson and see if they will say anything to me.

I was telling E Hamilton about the weekend so  far and she gave me the “let it roll off your back” and she also asked “well did you help?” and I said yes and she don’t worry about it.  So as far as she is concerned I am done but I am going to do the experiment.

If you think I am being vicious you are probably right.  I am tired of the same bs that goes on in my family and around me.  Do as I say and not as I do routine or “you are getting angry over stupid stuff”.

I called Mom to let her know I am working until 4:30 and be home by 5.  She was figuring out what to do about dinner and I reminded her I wasn’t going to be home and I think she was slightly embarrassed but I told her it was fine.  

She was working on this year’s enrollment for Medicare.  Then she plans on going to Mass at 4. 


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