Back to Regular Routine

Well Jim and the kids just left about 10 minutes ago but not before Jim giving me toilet bowl repair tips.  You see both the toilets seem to run constantly and he says 1) gently flush the toilet instead of hard. 2) Stick my hand over the rim hole.  He also suggested after asking Mom how to take care of the hose outside.

I was sitting here thinking that maybe Jim’s true personality is surfacing now that he is clean and sober.  Although he has been like that for a good long time now that I really think about it.

Mom is going to get ready for her day.  The Cable guy is coming to fix the cable box in her bed room.  It isn’t working.  It hasn’t been for a while now.  He did come earlier but had to come back.

I thought I would be leaving at 10:30 to get my hair done but it would seem Mom wants me to go and drop the gifts from Claudia off to Liz and Nelson.  Cool not going to happen.


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