All I wanted to do

All I wanted to do is to call the Doctor and ask him if I could take Delsym and could it affect the coumadin level. Now I have to wait and see if the doctor can see me tomorrow.  The woman I was speaking with on the phone really was annoying me.  I explained to her that I would have to come in anyway to get the INR checked because of the oral surgery (you are scheduled for the 21st for that).  I admit I may have not been the most pleasant person but I don’t want to take the time to go and get checked out.  Although it wouldn’t be all bad.  My ear is still plugged and I have been wanting to have someone look at it.  Needless to say they haven’t called me back.

AT lunchtime I called Roberta and we arranged a time to meet and carpool to the meeting.  WE talked about the Member who talked through the entire meeting last month and how I might go off on her feeling the way I do right now.  She told me she would keep an eye on me.  

I also updated my calendars for the next few weeks.  They are both online and in hard copy.   I was beginning to think I was missing or missed an important activity.

The US mail is now done and I have to finish lockbox from this morning.  I have two hours left of the day and I still have to do the mail from the lobby.    The Day seems to be getting away from me.

I am going to go finish the work.