I have mush for Brains

First off I started getting a little headache while I was at work.  I got some chips (those Special K healthy type chips) and it worked for a little bit.

I was in such a hurry to get to the IMM that I left my memory stick on my desk. I will get it when I get in the office tomorrow.

The ride back into town was a long one.  Traffic was slow heading south on 95 and I could hear reports of delays all along the corridor.  I could see the state troopers parked along the highway in obvious places. 

I got to the IMM on time and was triaged and then poked and it turned out very low (grr…). Now the dosage is 15; 15; 20 and return on Tuesday.  My finger bled harder this time than in the past.

When I left there I picked up my prescription plaquenil for the lupus.  I also picked up chocolate candies.  Godiva strawberry chocolate and Ghirardelli Squares assorted.

When I got home it was nearly five.  Mom was preparing Salmon, potato pancakes, stuffed peppers, stuffed tomatoes and it was delicious.

After dinner been watching TV I cried at the end of Charmed.  It was the Series finale and I cried just as much as I did the final night/day it aired on the CW.  The only thing is I think Henry (Paige’s husband) should have been with everyone the second Leo was returned from the “netherworld”.

The weather forecast for overnight and tomorrow is going to be very messy.  Light Freezing rain for the over night and from what I can understand it’s only going to be a day.

My head feels like it is going to implode.  I will see you in the morning.