Gloomy Tuesday

It is a rather gloomy Tuesday morning.  There is a light rain in the cities and it is predicted to be heavier for the northern part of the state.  The temperatures are going to drop to 40’s.  Oh Yay.
I left the house after 7:30 and ran into what I would assume was school bus traffic.  The traffic didn’t seem to let up once on the highway in the slow lane.  I hope that’s not what I have to look forward to this afternoon.
As expected I got little to no lockbox for this morning.  What I did have was from the finance and on hold-sort of.  I expect to have gobs and gobs of US postal mail by 10:30.  Until then I am working on re-address mail.  
This afternoon is the PITS activity.  I won’t be able to get to it because I don’t get out until four and I told them not to expect me because I have the INR (when I thought it was yesterday).  I am doing it this Sunday.
It began to rain shortly before lunchtime.  There was a membership meeting on another part of campus (closer to Cedar Street) but I just didn’t want to go.  I was tired; not feeling well and I felt I had too much mail to do.  Apparently I wasn’t alone in that feeling.
We also got news today on Gayle.  She is currently in the Hospital with Pneumonia.  She should be okay but this is scary and the news upset me to the point of Tears.