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Working Saturday

Good morning everyone.  I have been at work almost 45 minutes now.  Mama Joanie got here before I did.  I got up by seven as I had hoped too.  While I was getting ready Mom got up and had her coffee and did budget stuff.  She tells me that she left her earphones/hearing paraphernalia somewhere so she has to find it.  

As I mentioned in my last entry Mom is going to start making her pie crusts for pies for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I placed my orders with her as well.  She suggested I don’t worry about eating the pies.  She was making not so subtle remark about my weight.  She is right though.  

After work I am going to do the laundry I said I was going to do last night.  I want to make sure that I am dressed up a little for tomorrow’s Veteran’s Day services.  I am also going to try and get some cleaning done in the bedroom.  There is a sharp object on the floor that I can’t see and I have stepped on twice already.  I am going to see kitty at 4:30 probably so that it will still by daylight when I see her.

I have to make phone calls as well.  For all the upcoming events and such.  For example the Veteran’s Day service.  The PITS (Pie in the Sky) events start this week.  Monday is at Hopkins School in New Haven and on the 20th we will do more at Telka’s house.

It looks kind of gloomy outside and I was just checking the forecast for the weekend.  It looks like it will be cloudy for the weekend but in the 50’s.  As I am writing (and of course working) I can hear the reports and features of how the storms affect a person both financially and mentally.  Mama Joanie just told me that NJ residents won’t have their power until after Thanksgiving holiday.

I have a few sites on in the background so that I can check the webcams.  It looks like the Cambridge site is done for the morning. 


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